Client variations

If the client wants to make variations to the plans they have to put the request in writing and the request must be approved by the builder before work begins. The client usually writes a letter to inform the builder of a variation. Their variation request would also need to include:

  • the cost of the variation
  • the change in time
  • the change in contract price.

There are many reasons why a client might like to make changes. Select the people in the new residential building site shown to see why they want to make changes.

Discuss with your trainer and other learners how they would deal with the different clients. Would they disapprove of any of the variations requested here? How would they handle it?

It is important to note that builders have often planned the commencement date of their next project. So builders may be reluctant to extend the duration of their current project.

All variations need to be documented on the appropriate form and attached to the site file. This is the formal way of documenting changes to a project.

You can download a copy of a letter in requesting a variation to the contract (Word 51 KB).