The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) oversees a national framework for building legislation, including the Building Act 1993 which details the procedure for demolition.

Photo of a two-storey house. The framework of the roof is exposed and the site is fenced off.

A demolition permit must be granted before demolition can commence. Once the documentation for a permit is prepared by the builder or the demolisher, the main work in the application process is done by the building surveyor .Building surveyors advise on and interpret laws and regulations controlling building construction and safety.

In some circumstances a planning permit will be required prior to a demolition permit being issued. The building may be within a heritage overlay A heritage overlay is part of a planning map which defines the nature of particular areas, eg residential, retail, rural. It may specify the design features or particular aspects of a structure such as the fa├žade. which triggers the requirement for a planning permit.

Photo of notice of an application for planning permit.