Photo of a fenced site with an excavator clearing the debris. There is also a truck at the site.

The following need to be considered before demolition commences to decide which of these are necessary depending on the nature of the demolition:

  • details of the demolisher and appropriate licence
  • method of demolition - either manual or mechanised
  • extent of temporary fencing and hoardings
  • protection of adjoining properties, existing buildings and infrastructure
  • disconnection notices for the service authorities, electricity, water, gas and telecommunications
  • the order in which the structural systems will be removed (the sequence of operations)
  • details of any hazardous materials and notification of these to relevant authorities
  • on-site amenities such as toilet, first aid, fire services
  • control measures for dust, noise and vibration
  • vermin control for rats and mice
  • traffic control on and off the site
  • truck wash bays
  • environmental considerations such as recycling.