Bracing systems

Diagram showing various bracing systems connecting horizontal diaphragms - subfloor cross-bracing cantilevered stumps or bracing wall, cross or sheet bracing systems and gable end bracing.The horizontal loads that winds produce on buildings must be transmitted through the structure to the foundation. In a conventionally constructed house these loads are transmitted to the ground by the complex interaction of the walls, ceiling/roof structure and floor structure.

The ceiling and floor form large horizontal diaphragmsA diaphragm is a wall running up to the roof-ridge.. Most walls rely on support from this ceiling or floor diaphragm to prevent them from blowing over.

The wind forces are transmitted to the ceiling diaphragm from the walls and also the roof. They are then transferred through the ceiling diaphragm to the bracing walls. These transmit them to the floor structure, foundations and then into the ground.