Diagram showing an external wall with water repellent treated cladding and sarking (liquid impermeable vapour permeable) behind it to stop moisture from outside.The following is a checklist for ensuring the quality of the frame members and the frame as a whole. Check each of the items listed below:

  • walls for plumb, square, straight and level
  • top and bottom plates have a tight fit on studs
  • bracing and tie-downs in accordance with plan
  • noggings at correct centres and support for fixtures
  • corner blocking
  • walls tied together
  • room sizes and ceiling heights with plan
  • window and door clearances and openings
  • jamb studs to all openings
  • concentrated load bearing studs
  • lintels for adequate bearing
  • block under studs if timber floor
  • any excessive notching
  • provisions for plumbing services and fixtures
  • safety of frame
  • adequacy of temporary bracing.