Installing metal roof sheeting

When lifting sheets to the roof frame ready to start laying and fastening, care should be taken to make sure all sheets are the correct way up. Have the overlapping side towards the edge of the roof from which installation will start, otherwise sheets will have to be turned over and/or turned end to end.

One and a half corrugations is the generally accepted sidelap for roofing. It is used also for wall cladding in areas subject to extreme conditions of driving rain.

Diagram showing side lapping of metal sheeting.

Installation procedures for roofing and flashing using self-drilling screws, drills, hacksaws, power saws or files usually deposit metallic particles on or near the roof sheeting and roof area. These metallic particles and all other debris including blind riven shanks, nails, screws, nuts, cuttings, swarf, etc should be swept from the roof sheeting, flashings and gutters as soon as possible.

Diagram showing screw positioning of metal sheeting.