Appropriate flashings must be used to provide a watertight seal where roof sheeting ends.

Diagram showing lead apron flashing wedged and grouted into a brick wall and over flashing in galvanised steel or aluminium notched to deck profile.
End apron flashing and steel decking
Diagram showing galvanised steel/aluminium ridge capping over a roof deck.
Ridge capping and_steel decking
Diagram showing galvanised steel/aluminium capping notched to sheet profile, over roof sheeting with a stop ended trough. Sheeting overlays a purlin and abuts a timber fascia board.
End capping, galvanised steel or aluminium sheet

Diagram showing soft zinc over flashing stepped and tapered to follow fall of the roof. Roof sheets are fastened at 600 mm centres.
Stepped apron flashing
Diagram showing tray sealed and fastened to roof sheeting, apron flashing turned down between ribs and end of sheeting turned up.
Flashing to skylights
Diagram showing sealing around a flue that penetrates a roof.
Sealing of roof penetration