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Persuasive communication techniques
Persuasive techniques

Persuasive communication techniques include the following.

1. Focusing on the other person's needs when speaking or writing.
Build your communication around the other person's needs, rather than those of the organisation.

2. Using persuasive words or phrases when speaking or writing.
For example, 'the benefits to you are...', 'what you'll gain will be...', 'our services can save you time by...'.

3. Watch out for and eliminate barriers to effective communication.

For example, don't substitute an email for a telephone call when communicating critical information. In face to face communication, always monitor facial expressions or body language for signs of confusion or misunderstanding.

4. Talk to a plan that demonstrates to the employer or job seeker exactly how you are going to help them.

The other major factor that impacts on your ability to communicate persuasively is your knowledge of policies, procedures and legislative requirements. Understanding these prevents you from making promises about services you can't deliver.