Achieving Team Goals


Table of contents

Working in Teams

What is a team?

Examples of teams

Benefits of working in teams


Effective Teams

Attributes of an effective team

Shared leadership

Shared responsibility

Commitment to team goals

Commitment to the team plan

Effective communication





What are the keys to effective communication?

Encouraging communication


What is a goal?
Determining team and individual goals

Establishing goals and timelines

Establishing clear and common goals

Clarifying goals


Establishing a team plan

Breaking goals into tasks

Timelines, milestones and deadlines

Allocation of tasks

Determining processes


Monitoring progress
Teamwork in the electronic office

Working in Teams

What is a team?

A team may be defined as a group of people who:


None of these characteristics happen by chance. Effective teams need to be planned, created and managed by the team leader and team members.


Examples of teams

Teams can be made up of groups of people performing the same role, for example:


Teams can be made up of people who perform diverse roles, for example:


Other teams are set up for specific projects. These teams could include people performing the same or different roles, for example: