Version 3 Details

This Toolbox (version 3.0) was revised and updated in February 2008. The following changes were made:

The Steering Committee

Project Manager

Interface and Animation

Instructional Designer

Music Production

All music produced and written at Gunung Willam Balluk, Music Program, Kangan Batman Tafe, Victoria

Newsflash (2004)

If But Maybe (Make no assumptions!) (2004)

Serious Minds (Moving On)

Traditional Perspectives - Language

Traditional Perspectives - Land/Sea

History Section


All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced at Kangan Batman TAFE Broadmeadows 2005/6
All 2005/6 songs recorded and mixed by Brodyn Davis
All songs produced by YBKB as part of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Music) through the Gunung Willam Balluk Learning Centre, Kangan Batman Tafe.



Smart Media

"If But Maybe" Video Clip (2004)

Aboriginal Art Consultant

Additional Artworks

Colin Isaacs

Port Augusta Community

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health (PLAH)

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community Council

Port Lincoln Campus TafeSA Regional

SA Police Training Academy (2004)

Northern Territory Police Fire Emergency Services College (2004)

Katherine Community (NT) (2004)

WA Police (2004)

Queensland Police (2004)

Reviewers (2004)

Evaluator (2004)

Logo and CD design

Voice Recording


Content Advisers

Torres Strait Island Adviser

Torres Strait Cultural Framework, Education Dept Qld

AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group), Education Dept NSW

Language Advisers

South Australian Museum - Adelaide

A 2006 resource of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework