Stormwater drainage systems

The image shows the rough plan of one of the apartments, which is Lot 48. The ground floor has one bedroom, a dining/living area, laundry, kitchen and powder room. The entrance faces Eat Street. The first floor has three more bedrooms and one bathroom. At the back of the building is a garage designated for Lot 48.

This is a rough sketch showing the building plan for a set of apartments. The plumbing contractor has gone out on site to draw this sketch which he will later develop into a detailed plan for the stormwater drainage system. Could you do this?

If you believe you already have the necessary workplace skills to plan, size and lay out stormwater drainage systems you can go straight to On the job to test your skills and knowledge.

Otherwise this skill area contains content and activities that will help you complete this type of job.

There are several topics.

You are required to have access to the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3500.3:2003 Stormwater drainage to complete the activities in this skill area. You may also need to refer to your state or territory regulatory requirements for stormwater drainage systems.