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Activity 1.5: The impact of economic and political changes on organisations

In this activity, consider the extent to which economic and political changes have impacted on the specific industry, profession or occupation in which you will be working. Use the Web to identify recent political/economic changes you feel may be relevant to the industry in which you are undertaking your professional placement. What do you suggest might be the likely impact of these changes on your host organisation/enterprise and its work? Record the results in the table in your Portfolio.

Here are some hints

If your host organisation/enterprise is about to be taken over by another company, you might expect to find that things are hectic and the induction process is rather hurried!

If a firm has adopted a ‘flatter’ management structure, it is likely to lead to a greater flexibility in work roles – but at the same time greater pressure on, and responsibility for employees.

Political and economic changes

What evidence is there of changes relevant to your host organisation or enterprise?

What is the likely impact of these changes on the host organisation or enterprise?


























new technology





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