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Activity 1.2 : Inside the organisation

In this activity, consider the organisational structure of your host organisation and answer the following questions in your Portfolio.

If these questions are difficult to answer before you begin the practicum, you may have to identify them as things to check out after the placement has started.

  1. Outline of the organisational structure of host organisation.
    Is this structure flat, hierarchical or a matrix structure? What does this structure tell you about the services provided by the organisation, the power arrangements or lines of authority?
  2. Mission statement
    Does your host organisation have a vision and mission statement, value statement and strategic goals? Are these statements explicit, or are they implicit and behind the scenes? What do these various statements tell you about the organisation and the activities that you might undertake whilst on placement?
  3. Organisation management issues
    Organisations are made up of people whose work is coordinated by management. After visiting the web site and collecting other information, what are some of the management and people issues that you have identified in the host organisation? How will these issues impact on your work in your placement?

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