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Web sites

These web sites have been provided to give an overview of the range of organisations/enterprises that accept students. It is important to use this information to explore possible placement opportunities. Whilst these web sites will provide a general description of work experiences, you may need to supplement this information with information from your practicum coordinator.

In this section a list of web sites has been provided. These web sites provide access to most Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies. In addition to this list, RMIT Career Development & Employment Group provides a useful set of resources. Happy exploration.

Australian Government. This provides access to all Commonwealth Government Departments including Transport, Law and Justice, Health, Education, Primary Industry and International Relations. In addition, contact can be made with State and Territory Governments.

Victorian Government. This important government site allows access to Government Departments including Health, Education, Environment, and Finance. South Australian Local Governments can be accessed through this web resource.

Victorian businesses. This site provides links to a wide range of businesses in Victoria. If you are interested in a placement in the private sector, explore this business information site.

Victorian Local Governments. This site lists all Victorian Councils.

A-Z list of employers. This site provides a list of links to employers including companies, government and non-government.


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