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Activity 1.3: What do you know about the host organisation or enterprise?

A series of questions is outlined below that will enable you to focus on core characteristics of organisations. Read the list of questions. Firstly, rank the questions from 1 (not important) to 6 (very important) according to how necessary you feel it is to find answers. When you have completed ranking these questions, provide the answers for the organisation/enterprise in which you will be placed. Use the resources previously collected to answer as many of the following questions as you can. Put your answers in the blank spaces provided in the table that appears in your Portfolio.


Your ranking


What are the products and/or services of the organisation?
(i.e. what does the organisation or enterprise do?)



Who are its clients or customers? (i.e. to whom who does it provide products or services? Where do the customers live?)



What is the organisational history? (e.g. how, where and why did it begin?)




What are its current goals, objectives and mission statement and values?
(e.g. have the organisation’s aims changed over time?)



Who and what is it accountable to? (What are its sources of funding? Who are its stakeholders? Which of these stakeholder groups are represented on its board of management?)


How is it positioned within the ‘macro’ environment? (Is it in the public or private sector? Is it one of a number of similar organisations? If so, how well does it compete – or does it target a niche market?)


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