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Accommodation problems with a summer internship at Alaska SeaLife Center

I was provided furnished housing for one month then moved to an unpleasant environment. A co-worker provided a home about three miles away. The downfalls of the place were that it was too far to walk in the winter. People were complaining of having to pick us up all the time and we were complaining of how bad of condition the house is in. It is constantly cold, there is a plastic sheet to separate the garage from the living room, only three beds available for four people, the door never locks, inoperable laundry facilities, it reeks of mould, the sink leaks, the showers are cold… etc. these are not good living conditions. After complaining for a month, they finally found a decent place for the other interns. But it is still two miles away, cold and no laundry facilities. I had moved out before this happens because it was too bad of an environment. I moved to an apartment about two blocks away with a great shower, heat, and safe environment. ASLC refuses to pay the expense by stating that I chose to live alone.

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