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Activities 3.3: Cultural diversity scenarios

A: Race and ethnicity

Choose one of the scenarios (courtroom, interview or educational setting) from the discussion and answer the question: what could the professional do to avoid or resolve the difficulty in this case? Write your answer in your Portfolio.


What books or movies have you come across that provide insights into cultural diversity? Choose one of these, and answer this question: What did you learn about another culture and/or about your own response to that culture? Write your answer in your Portfolio.

B: Gender

What should the intern have done in the hospital situation described here? Should he have interrupted the resident to ask for advice - or relied on his guess? Why?

Discuss your answer with the others in your tutorial group. Are there any patterned differences in your group’s answers? Does the pattern correspond with gender differences? Write your comments in your Portfolio.


What do you think of Candy Tymson’s ‘tips’ for men and women in workplace environments? Write your answer in your Portfolio.

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