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Adaptability is a quality that is highly sought due to globalisation and the rapid, ongoing evolution of technology, and workplace structures and practices. Adaptability also offers you the chance to grab what may seem to be disastrous events and turn them into unique learning opportunities. It might be worth considering placing the popular car sticker ‘No Fear’ on your work placement Portfolio as a reminder of how you should approach your practicum! If you can remain ‘cool in a crisis’ and exercise patience and reflective thinking in unexpected situations, you will be able to use these skills to enhance your learning.

Preparing for uncertainty

How can you prepare for uncertainty? The following strategies may help you become more comfortable with dealing with uncertainty:

  • Acknowledge your feelings about dealing with situations where you are uncertain about what to do.
  • Do some research into possible situations that may arise before going on placement.
  • Familiarise yourself with organisational policy and procedure.
  • Consult with colleagues if they are available to help.
  • Reflect on how you have managed situations of uncertainty in the past and identify specific strategies that helped you in those situations.

Remember, above all, ‘always expect the unexpected’ and think positive!


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