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Activity 5.2: OHS checklist and OHS scenario

Activity A

Complete the following tasks, then put all of the information you gather into your Portfolio. Print a hard copy to keep with you during the practicum as a handy reference guide.

  1. Using the list of hazards you identified in the introductory exercise, add any others you have identified after reading the discussion and accessing the resources. What safety precautions will you take in light of these hazards?

  2. Find out about the OHS system in your workplace (charts of the OHS structure etc):
    • Is there an OHS professional such as a safety officer or occupational health nurse? What is their role?

    • What is the system of OHS management? Is there an OHS committee? Are there Health and Safety Representatives?

  3. Read the safety policies and procedures document for your host organisation. Mark the sections that apply most to your situation.

  4. Complete this checklist.

Activity B

Using all of the information gathered, what do you think you would do in the following scenario?

You are enjoying your practicum experience with your organisation, but one day you are asked to do something that involves a procedure that is outside the organisation’s OHS policies and procedures, and which common sense also tells you is unsafe. Do you:

  • Get on with it and hope for the best?
  • Protest loudly and refuse to do it?
  • Threaten to report your supervisor?
  • Insist that you will do it only on condition that relevant safety procedures are implemented?
  • Other action/s?

Mark your selection/selections and explain briefly why you have made this/these choice/s.

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