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Resources for organisational and interpersonal aspects of the practicum

This list contains main resources from the discussions of organisational and interpersonal aspects of the practicum, plus additional resources that you may find useful for extended research on bullying and harassment.

Organisational aspects

If you know what is expected, you can get organised more easily
University Policy and Procedures

Legal rights
Knowing your legal rights is helpful in surviving the placement
Discrimination in Employment and
Disability Discrimination

Time and life management
Coping with the demands of placement and ‘normal’ life can be difficult. These tips might help.
ASU West Career Services & Personal Counseling Balancing Work, Family, and School

Interpersonal aspects

A key site is RMIT's Your Work Your Rights
Equal Opportunity Policies at RMIT University
WorkCover information

Cultural inclusiveness
Cultural inclusiveness is important. These two sites offer excellent information

Racism No Way

Flinders’ University’s Kokotinna project - ‘cultural safety’

NOHSC site on Harassment at Work

There is a wealth of internet material related to workplace bullying. These are some resources that we thought might be most useful. You may well find something else that seems more relevant to your workplace situation.

Workcover draft report

Getting Bullied at Work / Two psychologists initiate campaign to tackle problem - examples of bullying and ‘How to bully-proof yourself’

Ombudsman’s Victoria website

Working Women’s Centre PROBLEMS @ WORK > WORKPLACE BULLYING web site

Signs to watch for and strategies to create and maintain a bully-free workplace

Understanding how a bully operates, with particular reference to isolation is helpful in identifying bullying strategies.

The costs of bullying to the workplace - useful research information to point out to managers if you are being bullied: GU News Service

Bullying in the professions leaflet

Feeling isolated/left out offers information for victims of bullying and harassment (including being isolated/left out), and workplace managers

Sexual harassment
The Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria questions and answers page provides sexual discrimination and harassment scenarios for both men and women.

RMIT University's About Work and Rights: sexual harassment.

Medical Women’s International Association Lesbian Doctors: A Model For Empowering Professional Minorities. Provides a specific example of sex-based harassment in the health professions.

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