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Working safely resources

These resources are provided for those who wish to explore further the knowledge available about hazards in different work environments.

General guides

These general guides can be adapted to most environments.

WorkCover - comprehensive coverage of a variety of work-related issues.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission

Mobile phone hazards in the workplace

Mobile phone hazards are important because of the prolific use of these devices in all kinds of work environments. They have become an almost essential item, and people tend to use them without thinking about hazards they may be causing for both themselves and others. These include the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, in hospitals or aircraft as they may interfere with equipment, or in potentially explosive atmospheres such as blasting operations, fuelling areas such as petrol stations, and in a number of manufacturing situations.

Do mobile phones blind drivers?: ZDNet Australia: Reviews: Cool Gear: Mobile Phones

DOT Chapter 3 looks at crash statistics and the part played by mobile phones

Injuries Associated With Use of Mobile Phones: SIS 24/95

VTHC OHS Reps: Hazards: Mobile Phones

Driving to and from work placement, and as part of your placement

Driving to and from your work placement, and as part of your placement can be hazardous. We tend to take driving for granted, just as we take talking on our mobile phones for granted. News emphasises how important it is to recognise the risks.

Human services hazards

The human services covers a broad range of placements, and many hazards involve dealing with clients. It is therefore important to have as much knowledge about these hazards as possible. You can do your own extended search of the web to find out more about hazards in your particular profession.

Subject index - Health care and human services [Occupational violence prevention]

Gates et al. 1999, 'Violence against caregivers in nursing homes' J. Gerontol Nurs, vol. 25, no. 4 pp. 12-22. Explores violence against caregivers - while such violence occurs frequently, many nursing homes do not have policies or procedures in place to prevent, monitor or control violence. The authors argue that the US OSHA guidelines support the mandate that employees are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.

A guide to nursing hazards: Nurses | Vhihealthe

Outdoor and isolated workplace hazards and checklists

The greatest focus on outdoor and isolated workplace hazards in Australia is on weather conditions - mainly protection from the sun.

Hot Working Conditions-Maintenance-Local Guidelines Flinders University guidelines

Safety on the Farm - Topic 5 This identifies hazards other than direct sunlight that can cause problems in relation to UV radiation.

Resource Library (especially relevant for ecotourism & other tourism - the instructions for tourists can be used as a guide to hazards and responsible actions for students as well).

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