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The following activities will help you prepare a portfolio to record your practicum experience. The activities are designed to help you:

  • conduct an investigation of the host organisation
  • develop an up-to-date CV
  • establish a set of learning goals
  • research information on workplace etiquette
  • conduct a personal reflection on your strengths and weaknesses
  • research identified occupational health and safety issues in the workplace
  • research identified legal and ethical issues

Download the MS Word Document template that you can work on to develop a hard copy portfolio. Save it onto your computer to access as you work through the Modules. (Click on FILE > SAVE AS..)

Module 1:Getting to know organisations

Module 2:Preparing and planning to go

    2: Researching a community
    A: Research the given resources and seek others to create a brief summary of the community you will be working in: demographic information.
    B: Using the research from 2A, information in the discussions and reference back to Module 1, create a personal preparation checklist relevant to your placement and an up-to-date CV.

Module 3: Negotiating the workplace culture

    3.1 Etiquette checklist
    Identify new/strange aspects of workplace and create personal rules to deal with these.

    3.2 Describe workplace and university cultures.
    How do workers see University culture? How do you see workplace culture? What is the impact of the differences? How will you deal with differences?

    3. 3 Cultural diversity scenarios
    A: (race & ethnicity) – what action would you take? What did you learn?
    B: (gender) – discuss your opinion.

    3.4 Barriers to communication
    A: cultural audit Q & A.
    B: ethnocentrism – describe an example. When did you recognise ethnocentricity in this? How/why did your attitude change?

    3.5 Cultural competence – working well with cultural diversity
    A: cross-cultural communication – read given resource and make suggestions for your practicum setting.
    B: cultural safety in workplace – list examples, compare with Public Service resource.

    3.6 Clients’ rights
    Select one cross-cultural situation described in the module. Explain relevance to this situation of charter items given in the activity.

Module 4:Learning in workplace contexts

    4.1 Orienting yourself to the practicum experience – Q&A.

    4.2 Reflect on Motivation
    Cite examples of motivation from your life experiences. Fill in the chart in relation to the 7 given habits of motivation.

    4.3 Intentionality
    Identify and write 4 learning objectives in your practicum. Chart these.

    4.4 Self-awareness
    Complete the self-awareness checklist.

    4.5 Adaptability – Preparing for uncertainty.
    Think about occasions when you have had to deal with unexpected situations. Use the charts to describe when you handled the situation well, and when you didn’t. Compare. Log daily events.

Module 5:Surviving the practicum


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