Express Pathway

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you think that you may already have the necessary skills and knowledge to be judged competent across one or several units, then you may want to check if you are eligible for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) status.

These self-assessment tools will help you work out if you are ready to be assessed for each unit.

If you have ticked 'yes' for all of the questions, speak to your teacher or assessor about the other things you will need to do to prove that you can achieve a 'Competent' result. They may ask you to show them how you do a practical activity, they may ask you more detailed questions to find out your knowledge of the topic, and will ask to see any evidence, such as references, certificates, photos, etc that you have to support your claim that you are ready to be assessed.

If you have ticked 'yes' for most of the questions but are not sure of some answers, it is a good idea to talk to your teacher or assessor. They will be able to help you with activities to get you ready for your assessment.

If you have ticked 'no' for most of the questions, you can use this Toolbox to help you, with your teacher's assistance, to become competent. You will still need to be assessed by your teacher/assessor to show that you have gained the knowledge and practical skills required by the unit.