NWP101A: Investigate sustainable water cycle management

What's the story?

NWP101A: Investigate sustainable water cycle management

All of us depend on water to survive. Water on Earth is part of a continuous cycle of renewal called the water cycle. In this unit, you will find out about a range of water systems that we use to capture, store and distribute water. You will also discover that the water services we rely on every day are part of a natural system that we must manage sustainably to protect our own survival.

Series of images about the water cycle

Project tasks

You will have two project tasks to complete for this unit.

Enter Hydropolis

The population of Hydropolis is growing. Can you analyse the existing water services used on the island and detail risks to the water supply? You can then use this information to plan how to sustainably manage water services on the island.

Practical task

Your practical task for this unit will be to work with your teacher or supervisor to analyse water services in your area and identify ways that water resources can be managed to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply now and in the future.

What you need to know

Use the menu on the left to work through the four topics in this unit.

How to complete this unit

I'm new

  1. Prepare by working through each of the topics.
  2. Try the practice activities.
  3. Enter Hydropolis to practise your skills.
  4. Complete the practical task.

I'm experienced

  1. View the practical task.
  2. If you feel confident you can complete it, contact your teacher or supervisor.
  3. Hint: Enter Hydropolis for some practice first.