NWP103A: Demonstrate care and safe practices

What's the story?

NWP103A: Demonstrate care and safe practices

Nobody likes the idea of being ill or injured at work and we all have the right to work in a safe work environment. Occupational Health and Safety (or OHS) laws try to make sure that our rights to stay safe at work are protected. Despite this, more Australians are killed each year at work than in road accidents. It is up to everyone to know how to work safely and how to protect themselves in the workplace. The information in this unit will help you to do that.

Series of images about health and safety

Project tasks

You will have two project tasks to complete for this unit.

Enter Hydropolis

The Hydropolis sampling team has a sampling job to do but the job safety analysis (JSA) for the trip has not been completed. Without it, the trip will not go ahead. Can you complete a JSA and help the team?

Practical task

You will demonstrate your knowledge of safety by conducting an investigation into the safety procedures for sampling in your area and completing a JSA for your next sampling trip.

What you need to know

Use the menu on the left to work through the six topics in this unit.

How to complete this unit

I'm new

  1. Prepare by working through each of the topics.
  2. Try the practice activities
  3. Enter Hydropolis to practise your skills.
  4. Complete the practical task.

I'm experienced

  1. View the practical task.
  2. If you feel confident you can complete it, contact your teacher or supervisor.
  3. Hint: try the Hydropolis task for some practice first.