NWP104A: Sample and test water sources and quality

What's the story?

NWP104A: Sample and test water sources and quality

Life on Earth depends on a steady supply of fresh, clean water but how do we make sure the quality of our water is maintained? Water quality testing is an important process in making sure that water can sustain life. It is also used to investigate problems with the supply of clean water. In this unit, you will find out what kinds of tests are performed on the water and how they are carried out safely and accurately.

Series of images about sampling and testing

Project tasks

You will have two project tasks to complete for this unit.

Enter Hydropolis

The Hydropolis river has a problem. The water quality seems to have changed and nobody knows why. Can you put together a sampling plan to test the water quality?

Practical task

Your practical task for this unit will be to work with your supervisor to collect water samples and use them to carry out water quality tests. You will need to demonstrate the correct procedures for sampling and how to carry out the tests safely and accurately.

What you need to know

Use the menu on the left to work through the two topics in this unit.

How to complete this unit

I'm new

  1. Prepare by working through each of the topics.
  2. Try the practice activities.
  3. Enter Hydropolis to practise your skills.
  4. Complete the practical task.

I'm experienced

  1. View the practical task.
  2. If you feel confident you can complete it, contact your teacher or supervisor.
  3. Hint: try the Hydropolis task for some practice first.