NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings


Natural features

Natural features such as rivers, lakes and forests are often included on maps. The symbols used to represent them often look like the feature they are representing. The colour of the symbol can also provide a clue to its meaning.

river icon
forest icon
creek icon
rock icon
bare rock
open sandy ground icon
open sandy
lake icon


Can you think of any items to include in a map legend? Can you draw an image to represent the items you think of?

Cultural features

Cultural features found on maps include roads, railways and buildings such as post offices and schools. The symbols used to represent these also often look like the feature they are representing.

dam icon
Visitors' Centre icon
visitors' Centre
toilets icon
picnic area icon
picnic area
car park icon
car park
sealed road icon
sealed road

Using legends

Different maps may use different legends so you always need to check your legend when reading a map.

Using the legend in the map below select each of the symbols to find out where they are in the map.

Text alternative
  • open sandy ground iconopen sandy ground
  • toilets icontoilets
  • picnic area iconpicnic area
  • sealed road iconsealed road
  • car park iconcar park
  • lake iconlake
  • forest iconforest

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