NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings

Practice activities: maps, plans & drawings

Making a legend

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A legend helps us to navigate and to spot landmarks. Test your knowledge of legend symbols here, then create legends of your own.

Legends on maps

Finding north

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Someone has dropped all the maps and now they're the wrong way up. Use your knowledge to put the maps the correct way around.

Find north

Grid referencing

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Have a go at map grid referencing by reading the map and entering the correct co-ordinates for the landmarks.

Grid locations

Topographic features

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How familiar are you with recognising topographic map symbols? Test your knowledge here.

Legend icons

Bringing it together: draw a map or plan

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Create a map of an area so a visitor can find their way around. Use your map making skills to make a map of an area you have chosen.

Draw a map or plan (Word 118Kb)