NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings

Hydropolis task: use a map, plan or drawing

Before you begin, work through this checklist to make sure that you have the skills you need for the project.

If you think you are ready, read the brief below and solve the problem in Hydropolis.

Things are not looking good for the Hydropolis Tourist Board ...

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It is a big week for the Hydropolis Tourist Board. They are hosting a hiking event that will bring lots of business to the island.

One group want to visit a beauty spot and has asked the board for information for their hike.

The board have asked you to use your map reading skills to plan a safe route for the group across the island.

Can you read the topographic map and help plan a route for the group?

You need to find an easy and safe route and note any landmarks to help the hikers.

Are you ready to meet the challenge? The hikers and the Tourist Board are counting on you!

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What you need to do: