NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings

Practical task

NWP105A Draw and use simple maps, plans and drawings

Your practical task for this unit will be to work with your teacher or supervisor to create a simple topographical map of a local area.

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What will you produce?

You will produce a map which will include contour, natural and cultural features as well as the basic map elements.

You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. An investigation of the area that you will map.
  2. Rough sketches of the area to note down different features.
  3. Information about the size or the area to be mapped.
  4. Creation of a map legend.
  5. Creation of a map scale.
  6. Final draft of your topographic map.

Before you begin, think about:

  • what information is found on topographic maps
  • common symbols used on topographic maps
  • how much detail your map will contain.

You can research the area you will map, or use information provided by your teacher or supervisor. By using:

  • information you collect from a supervised field trip to the area
  • your local library
  • the Internet
  • additional notes your teacher may provide.

You will need:

this mapping worksheet (Word 142Kb) to help you with your map making.