NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings



  • 'Maps and plans are dying out' — now that satellite navigation and GPS technology are more common than ever do we even need maps? Discuss your ideas.
  • Australia recently enjoyed the launch of the 'street view' version of Google Earth ® allowing internet users to see a picture of their homes via the net. In the UK though, there were complaints that privacy was being invaded by the tool. Where do you stand on the issue?
  • What landscapes create the best environment for computer games? If you had to design an imaginary world for a computer game, what would the map look like? Discuss your ideas.

Group work: exploring your own community

How well do you know your own community and how would you describe it to a tourist?

Do you have a favourite cafe in your community? How far do you live from a swimming pool or library? Do you have a deli within walking distance of where you live? If you had to choose one thing you like most about your community what would it be?

Explore your community (Word 126Kb)