NWP105A: Use maps, plans and drawings

What's the story?

NWP105A Draw and use simple maps, plans and drawings

Even with GPS technology and satellite navigation, we still need and use maps to navigate our world.

Maps come in all shapes and sizes. You might use a road atlas to plan a car journey, a topographical map to navigate landscapes or draw a simple diagram for a friend to show them how to get to a local shop. This unit will show you the skills you need to know to get from one place to another.

Series of images about maps and plans

Project tasks

You will have two project tasks to complete for this unit.

Enter Hydropolis

The Hydropolis Tourist Board has been asked by a hiking group to provide a route they can follow to a well known lookout on the island. They have a topographic map but now they need to work out the easiest way to cross the land. Can you help them?

Practical task

You will choose an area and then use your map-making knowledge and skills to create a simple topographical map of your own with a legend and an accurate scale.

What you need to know

Use the menu on the left to work through the two topics in this unit.

How to complete this unit

I'm new

  1. Prepare by working through each of the topics.
  2. Try the practice activities.
  3. Enter Hydropolis to practise your skills.
  4. Complete the practical task.

I'm experienced

  1. View the practical task.
  2. If you feel confident you can complete it, contact your teacher or supervisor.
  3. Hint: try the Hydropolis task for some practice first.