Promotional Strategy

Module 4 - The marketing plan

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The promotional strategy outlines which promotional tools the company will be using to communicate with its target market. These include:

  • advertising
  • sales promotion
  • direct marketing
  • personal selling
  • PR.

These five elements make up the promotions mix.

The strategy also outlines whether your promotions are to be directed towards the trade (push strategy) or consumer (pull strategy).

For instance, are you going to stimulate demand for your product by directing advertising at the end consumer in order to pull them towards the retail outlets? OR  would it be more effective to have a greater salesforce and direct marketing presence helping to motivate and push sales along to the end consumer?

Coca-Cola is an example of a company that predominantly uses advertising to


Coca-Cola and the Contour Bottle are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company

keep its brands salient and top of mind.

dellDELL computers takes advantage of an excellent direct marketing program to market their high quality products directly to consumers.

The promotional strategy also covers issues of what message you would like to get across to consumers (creative strategy) and what media you would like this message placed within (media strategy).

These issues and questions should all be covered within the promotional strategy section of the marketing plan and for further direction on these issues, see Module 10.

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