Mind Maps

Tip:Mind maps allow you to see the key points and sub points at a glance.

Mind maps

Mind maps are a useful visual tool for organising, revising and remembering Company Law topics. They are useful:

  • to gain an understanding of a topic, its sub topics and legal issues each week
  • as preparation for the exam.

Steps for making a mind map in Company Law
For each topic follow these steps to make a mind map:

Step 1: Select the key points from your lecture notes and readings.
Step 2: Decide and organise the sub points under each of the key points.
Step 3: Add the correct information. Statues and case law under each sub topic.

Below is an example of how mind maps work. Click on the button to see the steps and key headings in a mindmap for "Types of Companies"

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Ongoing revision

After each topic make a mind map of key topics, sub points, legal issues and relevant statute and case law. Complete these mind maps after each lecture topic when the content is still fresh in your mind. This will help build your knowledge of the law.

Exam Preparation

To revise your knowlege of Company Law redo your mind maps after each topic. Your mind maps can be used as a guide when answering tutorial questions and as preparation for exams.

Take notes while reading your text book.
Highlight the important points and make notes in the lecture Powerpoint handout.