What is referencing?

  • Referencing means acknowledging someone else’s work or ideas. It is sometimes called ‘citing’ or ‘documenting’ another person’s work.
  • Referencing is a basic university requirement.
  • It is mandatory for all students to cite or acknowledge information that has come from other sources.
  • Without appropriate referencing students are in effect “stealing” the work of others - this is tantamount to academic fraud.

There are consequences if students fail to reference their assignments. These may include:

  • Reduction in marks for assessment tasks.
  • Failure in a course of study.
  • Expulsion from a program.

Why do we reference?

  • To draw on the ideas, language, data, and/or facts of others. (You are expected to read and research widely).
  • To provide depth and support to academic work through citation of theories or key writers whose work supports your answer, argument, or contention.
  • To support academic writing, essays, business reports and oral presentations.
  • To demonstrate your ability to synthesise and analyse ideas sourced through your research.
  • To acknowledge work from others that you have quoted, summarised, paraphrased, synthesised, discussed or mentioned in your assignments.
  • To provide a list of the publication details so that your readers can locate the source if necessary.
  • To demonstrate the level and breadth of research undertaken by a student.
  • References used correctly will benefit your work and add to your final grade.

Which referencing method do I use?

RMIT Business uses a particular Harvard Style of referencing.

When do I reference?

You reference whenever you have used a piece of information that comes from

  • Text books
  • Journals
  • Published papers, (e.g. conference or working paper)
  • Newspapers
  • Websites
  • TV/Radio interviews
  • Personal communication
  • Others

You must cite the origins of the information you are using, whether you have copied the words directly or whether you have paraphrased.

If in doubt----REFERENCE!