Reference List entry for an electronic newspaper article with an author.

Essential Information to include:

  • Author Family name(s), Initials
  • Year of publication
  • ‘Title of article’ – (in ‘single’ inverted commas)
  • Newspaper name (in italics)
  • Day Month
  • Page number(s)
  • Section
  • Viewed - day month year
  • Database

Garnaut, R 2007, 'Changing nature of growth', Financial Review, 2 August, p. 71, viewed 27 August 2007, Factiva Database.

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Reference list entry using an electronic newspaper article with an author.

Referencing information for a electronic newspaper article needs to be written in this order:

Year of publication
‘Title of article’
Newspaper name
Viewed -day month year

(a) The following example contains all the information needed for the reference list entry, but it is not written in the correct order or format required by your lecturers.

Title of article: Paulson sides with China
Author: Colleen Ryan
Year of publication: 2007
Newspaper name: The Financial Review
Day, Month: 2, August
Page: 16
Viewed: 27 August 2007
Database: Factiva Database

From the examples given below, click and drag the correct entry to its corresponding box.

(b) From the examples below, click the correct reference list entry: