Reference List entry for lecture or course notes

Essential Information to include:

  • Author(s) Family name(s), Initials,
  • Year of publication
  • Course and course code
  • Title of work - name the topic, written in italics
  • Publisher - eg RMIT University
  • Place of publication

If sourced electronically add:

  • Date viewed
  • Source
  • <URL>

Graduate School of Business, MBA 2007, Global Business Context Course Notes from BUSM3237, ‘Unit three – international trends’, RMIT University, Melbourne.

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Reference list entry using lecture or course notes.

Referencing information for a book needs to be written in this order:

Year of publication
Title of work
Course code
Place of publication
Date viewed

(a) The following example contains all the information needed for the reference list entry, but it is not written in the correct order or format required by your lecturers.

Title of work: Financial issues in new venture creation
Year of Publication: 2007
Author: Graduate School of Business, MBA
Course Code : BUSM008913
Publisher: RMIT University
Place of publication: Melbourne

From the information given above, click and drag the correct entry to its corresponding box.