Understanding your assessment

Group Project - Foreign Exchange Markets and Trading

What other parts of your assessment are important?

Look at your assessment criteria

assesment diagram


Summary of assessment criteria Top Marks
Clear introduction 10% Well written and logically presented introduction
Research/Market view 20% Shows clear understanding of financial markets through a well presented and justified market view supported by relevant research
Application of Research/market view to form strategy 20% Clearly demonstrates that strategy developed incorporated the research/market view formed
Fulfilment of Objectives/Success/Failure of strategy and explanatory discussion 20% All of the objectives were fulfilled and clear explanation provided demonstrating solid understanding of contributing factors
Conclusion drawn 10% A full and well written conclusion is provided
Referencing/bibliography 10% Excellent use and citing of sources
Quality of writing 10% Impressive, professional report layout and presentation
Total 100%
NB: The structure of writing and the use of theory is the main focus of this workshop...but the content relating to the market view strategy and evaluation determines the headings you need to form a logical structure for your report
Always carefully analyse two things when planning an assignment:
What are you being assessed on? (assessment criteria sheet)
What are you being asked to do? (assignment task see section two )
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