The Quick Guides provide an introduction to transnational teaching at RMIT University. They are designed to address the professional development needs of academic and teaching staff engaged in the design, delivery and evaluation of RMIT courses and programs in onshore and offshore locations.

The twenty-two Quick Guides consolidate the experiences of the College of Business in transnational education, and provide introductory-level information across the themes of institutional context, teaching practice, assessment and feedback, and teaching scholarship. The underpinning professional development framework is designed to ensure competency and consistency in the delivery of RMIT courses and programs in multiple locations and/or to transnational student cohorts. This framework is also supported by the recommendations of the 2005 Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee (AVCC) Offshore Quality Project Report, A Professional Development Framework for Academic Staff Teaching Australian Programs Offshore (Link).

Further information about each topic is provided in the resource or reading list of each Quick Guide. Enquiries about learning and teaching can be directed to your College Academic Development Group or Learning & Teaching representative, and to the Deputy Head (Learningand Teaching) in your School. The College of Business Academic Development Group welcomes your feedback about the usefulness of the guides, and suggestions for additional topics.










Entire document

Download the entire 22 guides in one combined PDF

Individual Guides

Finding direction

Introduction to RMIT RMIT International University Vietnam Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Singapore Institute of Management

Teaching practice

Approaching cultural diversity Approaching student-centred learning and teaching Developing lesson plans Engaging students in lectures & large classes Engaging students through learning activities Equivalence and Comparability Preparing to teach Promoting deep learning Teaching with technology Understanding & interpreting program & course guides

Assessment and feedback

Academic integrity & plagiarism Assessing students Providing student feedback Understanding Course Experience Survey (HE) Understanding Course Experience Survey (VE)

Scholarship of teaching

A scholarly approach to learning & teaching Community of practice Enhancing the quality of teaching through reflective practice