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Exam preparation

Exams can be very stressful. Many students find them difficult. This site will give you some useful techniques to improve your performance in exams.

What do exams measure?

Exams measure the following:

  • the quality of revision
  • time management before and during exams
  • practice in answering exam questions
  • the ability to answer and focus on the exam questions.

Common problems

Many students are disappointed with their exam results because of the following:

  • too little revision or time for revision
  • stress attack
  • ran out of time in exam
  • misread the question
  • misunderstood the requirements of the question
  • lack of practice at type of exam
  • learnt by rote and were unable to apply this knowledge in a new context, eg the examiners changed the nature of the question.

By preparing yourself both before and during the exam, you can overcome most of these problems.


Exam management strategies



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