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Regular revision

Regular revision is essential in preparing for exams. Don't leave it till the last minute. This is called cramming. At a tertiary level, it is very difficult to read and learn an entire semester's course in 1 week's study vacation. The following strategies and processes help to maximize your revision.

  • Weekly reading of required texts is essential.
  • Revise after each lecture. If you have not understood a particular topic / area, you will need to do more reading, ask questions in tutorials or of your lecturer, do more independent research or ask other students.
  • Summarise your notes to help in the development of a better understanding of the topic. Understanding the whole course and not just the isolated parts, helps you to see the reasons for and connections between the concepts.
  • Develop a weekly study timetable.
  • Establish regular study habits.
  • Time management.


Active revision



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