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Time management

There are many demands made on a student's time. Managing your time effectively both during the year and also through active revision is extremely important. Don't leave everything till the last minute.

Use the following time management strategies to improve your study and revision.

Create study & revision timetables
  Begin revising for exams at the beginning of the semester. A revision time should be integrated into your regular study timetable. For example, 1 hour per week per course should be included in your study timetable.
Set specific goals for each session
Set achievable, specific learning goals for every 40-60 minutes that you set aside for revision.
Take regular breaks
Take small breaks, eg 5-10 minutes per hour study block. Have something to eat and / or drink as required.
Have variety
Don't revise / study a topic hour after hour. Give yourself a mental break by studying different topics. This can also help you to see connections between topics / themes.


Structuring a study block



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