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Using multiple quotes

In academic writing, arguments are developed through exploring and critiquing upon what authorities or experts have already written / said about the topic. It is therefore important to be able to use multiple sources in your work. However, you must acknowledge where your ideas have come from through using direct quotes and paraphrases. Failure to do so can be considered plagiarism.

Citing multiple authors

When using multiple authors, all authors need to be cited, otherwise it can be considered plagiarism. If the following passage appeared in an essay, the reader would think that this was the student's work.

Example of plagiarised multiple citations

However, this is plagiarised because:

  • there are no quotation marks around the direct quotes
  • there are no citations acknowledging someone else's ideas / work
  • it appears in the student's work.

To use this passage, the ideas / work of the original authors must be cited.

Example of correct use of multiple citations


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