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Integrating words / phrases

The ability to write a cohesive argument rests on your ability to link your arguments. This is achieved through using linking verbs to integrate your arguments and citations together.

The following phrases can be used to introduce references. It is poor writing to use the same verbs all the time, eg says that, states that. Verbs also allow the writer to indicate the degree to which they support the author of the research, eg claims that versus argues that. Please note that they can be used in different tenses and they need to be used appropriately in a paragraph.

Suggest(s) (that) Maintain(s) (that)
Argue(s) (that) Found (that)
According (to) Promote(s)
Outline(s) Establish(ed) (by)
Focus(es) on Asserts (that)
Define(s) Show(s)
Conclude(s) (that) Claim(s) (that)
State(s) Report(s)
Mention(s) Address(es)


Sentence & coherence connectors



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