Auditory learners

Auditory learners are more interested in learning through spoken words. They prefer to learn by listening to their lecturer or teacher or other students.

Characteristics of auditory learners:

  • Can follow verbal instructions easily
  • Like to hear someone explain and like explaining to someone else
  • Like debating and discussing with others
  • Tend to talk to themselves while working
  • Enjoy reading aloud
  • Like music more than art.
Cartoon of auditory learner

Study hints for auditory learners:

  • Start or join a study group
  • Say things aloud to remember information
  • Use a tape recorder. Record yourself reading texts and/or discussing issues with others
  • Read notes aloud when studying and after you have read something summarise it out loud.
  • Explain or  ‘re tell’ something you have learnt to someone else
  • If possible listen to pod casts of lectures.


Kinaesthetic learners



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