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Using headers & footers

Headers and footers are areas in the top and bottom margins of a page where you can place text or graphics, eg name, student number, report title, logo, page numbers etc. They apply to sections, so anything you place in the header and footer areas will appear on all pages in that section. You can format different headers and footers for different sections of your report / assignment.

Further information

Long documents & creating a table of contents

Headers & footers

Headers and footers can be accessed by View>headers and footers. The page changes to background view; any text on the page will go a light grey. The header and footer areas become active (black) and the header and footer toolbar opens. Have a look at the options available in the toolbar by moving your mouse over the icons.

The following example shows how to insert a logo, file name and page numbers. Press Play (below) to start.


Both the header and footer sections have pre-set left, centre and right aligned Tab stops. The default position is left aligned, but to change the position, press the TAB button once to move to centre aligned and twice to move to right aligned.

Further information

Word has an excellent help section. Either use the search query box or press F1 to bring up the help pane, type in headers and footers, press Enter then select the appropriate topic.


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