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Creating & applying new styles

It is easy to create your own new styles in Word. This allows you to define a style, then apply it to any text, eg a block quote.

To create a new style do the following:

  • Type or select appropriate text
  • Format text as required, eg indents, font style, font size, line spacing
  • Click in the styles menu to highlight current style
  • Rename style to appropriate name, eg Indent
  • Press Enter.

Your style is now ready to use. Select more text, hit the drop-down menu, and select your new style. It will automatically be applied to the text. Alternatively, you can create a new style from the Styles & Formatting task pane.


Press Play (below) to see a demonstration of creating and applying new styles.

Further information

Styles in Word 2003 (PDF 59 KB)


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