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Step 1 - reading with & for a purpose

Reading with and for a purpose helps you to quickly locate, evaluate and read relevant research. There are two stages in this process.

First stage

Look at the structure of the text, eg the Table of Contents, the Abstract, headings and sub-headings, to see if the text is suitable for your purpose. This will help you to locate relevant research quickly.

Second stage

If the text appears to be relevant for your purposes, then you can read it in-depth to find specific research to support your literature review.

These techniques enable you to identify appropriate material by reading widely and to gain a broad understanding of the available literature on your topic.


You must be objective in your research. Remember the reason you are reading is to be able to give an evaluation and critique of the literature chosen. Do not just select the parts of the literature that agree with what you think is right.


Step 2 - evaluating your readings



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