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Types of reflections

Journals can be used to record and reflect upon a situation / issue from a number of perspectives or viewpoints. The following table explores a reflection on cultural differences.

Type of reflections Reflection on cultural differences
Observations It was really obvious that Australian and French humour differs substantially.
Questions Does this difference indicate deeper cultural differences between the two countries?
Speculations It is possible that the differences in humour reflect different cultural values. These include...
Self awareness As ever, being able to successfully navigate cultural transition depends upon being prepared for it, understanding it when it does occur (including the natural 'ups' and 'downs') and dealing with it proactively.
Integration of theory & ideas

Kohls (1999) describes cultural disorientation as the 'psychological disorientation' most people experience when they move into a culture markedly different from their own.

Kohls, Robert L. (2001). Survival Kit for Overseas Living (4th ed). Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Critque But here lies an opportunity for me to reflect upon deeper cultural differences through a formal anaysis of the concept of cultural disorientation and my own experiences.


The reflection cycle



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