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Maths websites

The following websites offer maths support to TAFE and Higher Education students at RMIT University. For further help please drop in to the Study and Learning Centre.

Description: This site features experienced teachers demonstrating solutions to a variety of maths problems using short video clips. The clips are fairly short and very engaging and cover a wide range of topics. Well worth a look!

Description: This site contains a wealth of material, including diagnostic quizzes, exercises, video clips and external links. Files are downloadable and can be viewed on your ipod (drag them in to iTunes from your desktop) if you like to learn maths 'on the run'!

Description: This site contains a number of video tutorials that cover arithmetic, algebra, functions, graphs, geometry, vectors, trigonometry, differentiation and integration. A great resources!

Description: A comprehensive selection of topics, including fractions, percentages, drug calculations, trigonometry, algebra, graphs, inequalities, logarithms, complex numbers, data analysis, differential equations, differentiation, integration, matrices, partial fractions and statistics. Lots of short downloadable exercises. A very useful reference.

Description: A website on how to study maths at TAFE and Higher Education. Very useful and informative, and written in a conversational style which makes the site well worth a visit particularly if you need a refresher on studying maths.